Membership Categories

2020/21 Membership Details and Rates. Our annual fees start from 1st April, however we promote joining Torquay Golf Club at any time during the year at pro-rata fees.

CategorySubscriptionDCG & EGU/INSTOTAL
Full Member£850.00£23.50£873.50
Social£60.00 £60.00
Joint Social (Per pair)£75.00 £75.00
Full time Student£245.00£23.50£268.50
Armed Forces£355.00£23.50£378.50
22-24 Years£479.00£23.50£502.50
25-27 Years£572.00£23.50£595.50
28-29 Years£675.00£23.50£698.50
Juniors - 11 years and under£20.00£4.00£24.00
Juniors - 12 to 14 yrs£35.00£23.50£58.50
Juniors - 15 to 17 yrs£55.00£23.50£78.50
Intermediate 18 to 21£315.00£23.50£238.50
Membership Notes:
  • Country - MUST be member of another club. Over 100 miles distant - 
  • Student Membership - Must have eveidence of attending a Full time course. 
  • Armed Forces- Must be a current serving member of the armed forces. 
  • Social - own bar discount card. (You may bring in up to 6 guests , 6 times per year)
  • As a Member you may sign in 1 guest 6 times per year. You are responsible for your guests behaviour and dress code both on and off the course.

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